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Main Functions:

The product is effective in the treatment and prevention of prolapsed lumbar intervertebral discs, abnormal function of small joints of the lumbar vertebra , hyperplasia of the lumbar vertebra and other lumbar vertebra conditions.

Unique Effects:

1.Patients themselves can do continuous traction. It is convenient to wear the belt both at home, work and during leisure activities. It guarantees the rehabilitation of the nucleus pulpous and lumbar vertebrae.

2.Vertical traction can reduce the pressure between the lumbar vertebrae when standing, reducing stress on the lumbar area. Value

3.The belt is not only effective in the treatment but also in the prevention of Lumbar vertebral conditions.

Scientific Design:

1.The lumbar length of most people is about 10 cm. Powerful traction and protection of the lower back can be achieved effectively through the use of the belt being stretched to 20cm after inflation.

2.The shape of the lower back is c-shaped, the belt is designed to be opposite of the c shape, to fit in with the structure of the human body.

3.The belt is designed to have many points of contact which when inflated will result in a strong traction effect on the lumbar vertebrae.

4.Top quality materials are used ensuring excellent air retention and durability

5.Expands the gap between lumbar vertebra effectively.


1.Place the un-inflated belt around your waist between the lower rib and the hip bone, ensuring it is a firm fit.

2.Proceed to inflate the belt. This will provide a traction effect on the vertebrae..

3.The traction belt stretched from 13cm to20cm approx.

c-shaped waist of human body

belt designed to be opposite C-shaped

Excellent air retention

many contact points resulting in strong traction power.

The air-traction belt is a unique development utilising the principle of traction. By applying vertical traction continuous support is maintained.

Powerful traction and protection of the lower back can be achieved effectively through the width of the belt being stretched to 20 cm after inflation.

The lumbar length of most people is about 10 cm.

Washing Notice:

Hand wash/Machine wash with moderate water temperature. (<30 Degree Celsius).

Before Washing, make sure the air valve is tightly fastened.

Do not tumble dry , Hang dry only.

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