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1. About cervical spondylosis:

Cervical spondylosis is a chronic degenerative condition of the cervical spine that affects the vertebral bodies and intervertebral disks of the neck (eg , disk herniation, spur formation), as well as the contents of the spinal canal (nerve roots and/or spinal cord). The disease causes a series of syndromes. For some people, they spend long-time at their desks, so the neck, shoulder and waist muscles always stay tense, blood circulation impaired. It tends to cause cervical spondylosis and lumbar vertebra diseases.

Cervical spondylosis is divided into neck type, nerve root type, spinal cord type, vertebral artery type, sympathetic nerve type and other types. Clinically, pain can be perceived locally, or it may radiate to the occiput, shoulder, scapula, or arm,and bring on arm numb, muscle atrophy and even quadriplegia. It may occur at any ages, especially over 40 years old. The condition can make you feel irritable and fatigued, disturb your sleep and impair your ability to work.. The characteristics of the disease are high incidence rate, easy recurrence, and prolonged duration. It is also the root of many other diseases. The goal of treatment is relief of pain and prevention of permanent spinal cord and nerve root injury.

2. Unique Effects:

Immobilize the cervical vertebrae into the best physical curvature with neck bracket.

Enough traction power on cervical vertebrae and not causing unreasonable compression.

The usage of hand pump to make traction power varies from person to person.

Removable small cushion make people comfortable.

Patients can do continuous traction by themselves. It is convenient to use for the purpose of treatment, preventing and health-preserving.

3.Main Functions

(1).Neck type, nerve root type, and vertebral artery type cervical spondylosis

(2).Neck and back myofascitis

(3).Help to immobilize neck according to the physician's orders after cervical surgery ( Be careful to wear after inflating)

(4).Cervical disc herniation

4.Product Desc ription & Picture

Hand pump: hand pump

material of bracket: polythene

Neck belt:

Lining: 100%cotton

Outer layer: PU leather

Inner layer: TPU

Length: 39cm

Weight : 95.5g

Width before inflation: 9.5cm

The pressure that internal chambers endure: <=0.15Mpa

5.Instructions For Use

(1).Clip pump onto the gas valve of the neck belt.

(2).Attach the small cushion to the belt. Place the bracket under the lower jaw, join the belt with bracket(Not too tight),adjust length according to individual's neck measurement.

(3).Inflate the belt by hand pump. Please stop inflation when you feel tense. Separate pump and air valve.

(4).It is recommended that the product be worn for 20-30 minutes at a time.

(5).The following figure shows the usage method

6. Precautions:

(1).Wear before inflating. Please use the assorted hand pump.

(2).Do not wash the product.

(3).Avoid sharp objects scratching the product.

(4).Avoid direct sunlight and heat.

(5).Only use the product on the cervical area.

(6).If the product causes any discomfort or pain cease use and consult a medical practitioner.

7.Solution for some phenomena:


Not capable of charge smoothly


To make sure that the clip of pump connected the right place of the gas valve.


Leaks gas in air valve


To make sure the air valve screwed.


Air columns of belt can't be fully inflated


To make sure the neck belt not too tightened

8.People with the following conditions are advised not to use this belt (Product)

(1).Patients with serious diseases of the heart and the lungs, or Cerebrovascular Diseases.

(2).Bleeding tendency, tumors, high fever, fracture and damaged skin in the traction area .

(3).Patients with spinal cord type cervical spondylosis.

(4).Patients with osteoporosis, joint instability, uncertain diagnosis (eg, may be cancer)/neck blood vessel problem, (include Dizziness /coma) temporomandibular joint diseases(eg,occlusion is not easy)

(5).Infection focus or lump on lower jaw.

(6).Patients with hyperthyroidism , swelling or lump in neck.

(7).Patients with general acute inflammation Or inflammation of the pharynx

(8).People with stiff neck, neck sprain, cardiovascular diseases, weakened condition, mentally abnormal.

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